Parvati Valley – probably the most beautiful valley of India

Anxiousness and Frustration kicked in. I comprehended; It was a time for a trip to Himalayas. I anticipated one of the reasons for this restlessness – an unfinished project. Leave everything, its time to go, I thought.             Unlike the previous trips, I wanted some secluded place to spend time with me. Each Himalayan State… Continue reading Parvati Valley – probably the most beautiful valley of India


Vashishtha Guha – Other side of Rishikesh II

            Continuing my genuine efforts to show the other side of Rishikesh, here I am; writing on probably one of the greatest places to meditate on Earth – Vashishtha Guha (“Guha” in Garhwali language, spoken mostly in Uttarkhand, means “Cave”). There is an Ashrama built near this cave by Swami Purshottamananda. He was disciple of… Continue reading Vashishtha Guha – Other side of Rishikesh II


The Beatles Ashram – Other side of Rishikesh

Wet winds, making way through the rainy jungle of Rajaji National Park, lashing on the face was when I realized the inner peace Beatles might have experienced here in Rishikesh city of the Uttarakhand state of India. Memories of last seven days was hovering around me. All the tensions. Freezing cold nights. Jaw-dropping beauty of… Continue reading The Beatles Ashram – Other side of Rishikesh

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Har-Ki-Doon Trek -Into the lap of Himalayas

                   Sheltering in the dining tent, whole team was pleading the weather god to have mercy on them. Tent was protecting us from the outer atmosphere – snowfall, hailstorm and temperature just below freezing point. Group from other operator had started with their descend. But looking at… Continue reading Har-Ki-Doon Trek -Into the lap of Himalayas


Sikkim Episode (S01E03): One Night @ Gangtok

Gangtok, the capital city of the Indian state of Sikkim, is situated at the altitude of 5200 ft. With a moderate level of population, around 1L, this city is aloof from all the hustle. Gangtok is the main attraction in Sikkim, mostly because it is the gateway to Sikkim as well as some other reasons… Continue reading Sikkim Episode (S01E03): One Night @ Gangtok

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Sikkim Episode (S01E02): Reaching Sikkim

From Delhi, we had a flight to Bagdogara airport on 18th May. We decided to reach Delhi couple of days earlier and roam around some nearby places (which can be accommodated in different post). So let us fast-forward to the Delhi airport. There we were, one hour early, sitting idle. You can’t be creative on… Continue reading Sikkim Episode (S01E02): Reaching Sikkim