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Sikkim Episode (S01E02): Reaching Sikkim

From Delhi, we had a flight to Bagdogara airport on 18th May. We decided to reach Delhi couple of days earlier and roam around some nearby places (which can be accommodated in different post). So let us fast-forward to the Delhi airport. There we were, one hour early, sitting idle. You can’t be creative on… Continue reading Sikkim Episode (S01E02): Reaching Sikkim

Paradise on earth · Sikkim · TravelBlog

Sikkim Episode (S01E01): Pre-Sikkim Drama

                              “Family that travels together, stays together”. Travelling is an integrated part of any family, especially when you are born in a Gujarati family (and I am not telling just because I am affiliated to one, but it is universal fact that… Continue reading Sikkim Episode (S01E01): Pre-Sikkim Drama